So one of the things I’ve quickly seen with my WP MU experiment is that you need to be aware that  plugins are not all wordpress multisite plugin “safe”. However, more and more are safe to use in a WordPress 3 mulitisite setup (or network as it is called by WordPress documentation).

How To Check If a WordPress Plugin is Safe to Use With WordPress 3.x Multisite Installation

Some of the best ways to tell if a plugin is multisite safe are:

  1. Look up the  plugin on and find the page dedicated to that plugin, then check to see:
    • If it is compatible with a pretty recent version of WP (look on the right-hand side)
    • If the Description tab mentions it
    • If the FAQ mentions WP MU compatible
    • If there are support items that talk about WP Multisite (click on the “See what others are saying … ” link on the lower right-hand side of the plugin’s page)
  2. Test It On Your Site
    • If  it clears Step 1 check, or if you’re more a “proof is in the pudding” type of person, you can skip to this step
    • Install the Plugin from your WP Network Admin (this will appear as a new option in the upper RHC of your WP Admin ONLY after you have enabled WP Mulitisite – click for step by step instructions )
    • Now Either Choose to Network Activate the plugin from the Network Admin Plugins or Navigate to the site dashboard you want to try the plugin in, go to the Plugins section, and Activate it there
    • See if the is a warning that appears about Multisite when you Activate it, if so, deactivate
    • If no warning, test your site to make sure everything is working fine

Feel free to comment below or add other useful tips. Hope this is helpful to others who are new to WordPress Multisite plugins.